Who We Are

Suzanne Brown is a Homebirth Community Midwife. In 1994, Suzanne began apprenticing with Pam Dyer Stewart. In 2002, Pam and Suzanne created a partnership and Luna Midwifery was born. In the fall of 2015, Suzanne begins a new venture: she returns to school to pursue a nursing degree. In order to have time to focus on this new challenge, Suzanne is taking time off from Luna. During the interim, other capable midwives will be assisting Pam at labors and births. Suzanne's intention is to return to the practice in the fall of 2017.
Pam Dyer Stewart is a Certified Professional Midwife(CPM). She became interested in birth after the birth of her first child at home in 1981. Beginning in 1982, she assisted and apprenticed with three different homebirth midwives for four years. In 1987, she began attending births independently and became a CPM in 1996. She has been a member of the state-wide midwives association Midwives of Maine since 1986 and served as its chair from 1996 to 1998. She served as the New England Representative to the Midwives Alliance of North America from 2004 to 2010. She is also a member of the Maine Association of CPMs.  She and her husband have four children, born at home. She lives in Harrington.